Frequently Asked Questions



1. Are you certified and insured?

We are fully certified with the Department of Agriculture in Massachusetts. We also carry full liability insurance.

2. Do you offer a pre-pay discount?

Yes! We offer a 10% discount for pre-payment of a full season.

3. How long after spraying can I go outside?

For mosquito spraying you can go out immediately. For tick spraying you can go out when it dries, so approximately 20 minutes.

4. Will I be notified before you arrived?

Yes, you will be notified via text prior to your service date.

5. What product do you use for spraying?

We use a combination of an all natural repellent and the safest insecticides. All products are approved for use by the Environmental Protection Agency, we use all products according to label directions which presents no significant health risk. Material Safety Data Sheets for all of our products are available upon request.

6. How often do you spray?

For ticks, we spray early Spring, late Spring, and early Autumn. For mosquitos, we spray every two weeks based on the life cycle of a mosquito.

7. Should I stop spraying when I go on vacation?

You should continue your spraying schedule even if you are not home. For the process to be the most effective it is important to catch the mosquitos during each two week life cycle phase to continue to decrease the population.

8. How can we contact you?

We love a text message! Phone and email work great too!

9. What type of payments do you accept?

We accept Venmo, cash, and check. Credit card payments are accepted for pre-payment of a full season.

10. Am I required to sign a contract?

No! We believe the best way to serve and retain clients is to build a relationship not sign a contract.