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Deer Tick Life Cycle

Tick Control

Protect your family and pets from these
lyme disease spreading pests

Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control

Eliminate the chance of painful stings and dangerous diseases

Additional Pest Control Services

Additional Services

We also protect homes from ants, termites,
bees, flies, mice and more


Locally Owned and Operated Pest Control Specialist

Welcome to South Shore Pest Control. We are a “Locally owned and operated” pest control company. Whether you have very few pests in your home or a full blown infestation we can help you. We offer control for a wide variety of pests as well as offering mosquito and tick control for your yard so that you and your family can spend time enjoying the beautiful weather without fear of mosquitoes or ticks. South Shore Pest Control is always ready to help protect your family, simply call us or use our online contact form.

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